Smart Things Dual Lightswitch

In my Kitchen I have 8 high hats that are controlled by 2 switches. (1 at either end of the kitchen) I want to get the kitchen to be on smart things and alexa.

Does anyone know what types of switches I need at either end of the kitchen, Are they both going to be Zwave GE or do I only need to replace 1?
Thanks for your help.

You need to replace both switches and carefully follow the instructions. You are describing a three-way circuit. "GE 45613 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Three-Way Dimmer Kit " on Amazon in US. Cost ~60 for the pair. Is on the SmartThings Switches and Dimmers marketplace, so should work.

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The following FAQ should help. (This is a clickable link)

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I worry about that if you have to ask, should you do it yourself? It is not difficult, but it is also easy to mess up.


My own feeling is that the wiring FAQs are still of help in the sense that

One) sometimes just understanding the concepts a little better is helpful even if you aren’t going to do the work yourself.

Two) and sometimes reading the FAQ makes you realize that you do need to bring in an electrician because there’s just a lot more to it than you thought. :sunglasses: