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[Edit 2021-12-18: solved via this post Smarttag not visible in webinterface - Devices & Integrations / Connected Things - SmartThings Community].

@nayelyz - please note I would be very interested in getting an update on how the egineering team are progressing with adding the SmartTag to the api.

Summary: I would like to access the history of my smart tag’s location data. I am happy to write a basic script to do this, but cannot find a way to view the location data (even when the smart tag is currently connected to a Bluetooth device).

The Samsung Smart Tag provides geolocation of the tag which I can use to find my cat. The device uploads its current location when connected to a nearby Samsung device (via Bluetooth). When not connected, Smar Things will only provide the most recent location information. The Smart Things app is quite helpful, but I would like to be able to access the full history of geolocation information.

I have found the Smart Things cli from this Github repo: GitHub - SmartThingsCommunity/smartthings-cli: Command Line Interface (CLI) for the SmartThings APIs. Provides CRUD operations for platform artifacts as well as the ability to control devices.

Using this CLI (and connecting via my personal access token) I can view the smart tag and can view the ‘capabilities’ of the device as shown in the image below, which is output from the comand line. Unfortunately none of the information in the value field of the table is populated (except searchingStatus and connection).

Can anyone confirm whether I can access the recent geolcoation data from a desktop in such a way that I can record historic data?

Hi, @andrewc_123.

Up to now, the data of the Mobile Connected integrations such as the Smart Tags, can be accessed in the SmartThings Find SmartApp, you can install it in the -“Life” section of the SmartThings App.

If your post was solved by the thread you mentioned, please select your first post as the solution so others can take reference from it. Thanks!

Hi @nayelyz , thanks for confirming. Are there any plans to make the other data from the smart tags available via the api? The SmartThings app is good, but I am limited in what I can do without accessing the geolocation data directly.

Many things

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