Smart Things cannot be installed

In the spring of 2019 I bought a washing machine and a telephone. The application worked in March and April 2019. The new version cannot be installed on the phone, because the application is no longer compatible with the phone. I have received information that my phone (J610F) does not have a SmartView function. I would like to install an older version of Smart Things or otherwise be able to use the full functionality of the washing machine. I specially bought a more expensive washing machine model to control it from outside the home. Now it is impossible, although both devices (telephone and washing machine) are not yet 2 years old.

You should be able to find older versions of the ST app here:

I, and others, have used apk mirror to find older versions of the ST app.

Yup. I’ve reverted the Classic App to 2.17 via the copy in APKMirror so that I can add room images (since that feature has been broken since 2.18).

I was able to install version 1.7.29 but the application cannot connect to the device.
I will try with an older version of the application. I installed through Total Commander. Does it matter?