Smart switch for high voltage lights?


I’m looking to make a switch for high voltage tennis court lights smart. The current switch is in a big metal box.

Unfortunately all the switches I see are for 120V not 240. Do high voltage switches (wifi preferred, alternately z wave) exist? We don’t need it to dim, just turn on and off.

Alternatively can anyone suggest a way to use a motorized unit to physically flip the switch on command?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Sure, there are some options for higher voltage devices in the US. People commonly use them for pool pumps, hot water heaters, etc. :blush:

See the following thread:

Switch for hot water heater?

As for devices to flip the switch, there are some options, but none are weatherproof, so you’d need to also use a large project box to protect them.

Ecolink has a zwave one, 3rd reality has a zigbee one. Both has official ST integrations. Both physically move the switch underneath. I’m not sure about the fit, though, given the nonstandard switch box. You might just have to try them and see. Both have toggle switch models, both are battery powered.

(Either can connect directly to a Smartthings hub, you don’t need their own hub as well)

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Thank you!! Those are good starting points to know what’s available. Good to see I’m not the only one thinking outdoor lights are a pain screaming for remote control.

The switch itself is in a shed but since its unheated, I expect it to dip below freezing in our new England winters. Does that mean we should shop for an outdoor rated product?

I know this a Smartthings forum but are there any direct to wifi options? The shed is about 100 yards from the hub so I’m not sure z wave would reach.

As long as it’s a mains powered switch inside a shed you will probably be OK for temperature, but check the specs on any individual models you are considering.

And, yeah, hundred yards for Z wave may be too far, especially on a snowy or rainy day. I don’t know of any higher voltage Wi-Fi switches off the top of my head, but there might be some.

Thanks! We have a wifi router in the shed so the third reality switch and dedicated hub seems like a good way to go. It looks like I could mount it over the existing switch with some strong tape.

Glad to have your excellent support!

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OK, that’s a battery operated device, so if it really goes solidly below freezing inside the shed, that may be a problem. You may just have to try it and see. (Devices which are connected to the mains usually get a little trickle current which keeps them from freezing.)

Also, if you use the third realities own gateway, you will not be able to see it in smartthings. Just in its own app. To use it with SmartThings, you have to connect it to the smartthings hub instead of the third reality hub.

It’s ok if I can get it into google home via wifi. Since we just got Nests we are using google home which can pull from smart things more than smart things itself. I don’t need any logic to connect it to other sensors in the house, just want to turn the lights on and off with our phones. Google home is good enough for that.

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Thank you for the help!! I got the third reality switch installed and working perfectly.

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