Smart Switch Double-Tap to Add Turn-Off Delay

I would like to add a smart switch capability to allow me to turn off my bathroom light/exhaust fan immediately, or with a double-tap, allow it run an extra 30 minutes before turning it off.
What switch properties do I need to look for and/or is some hub customization (custom DTH?) that I’d need to do (and how would I do that with the new app)?
Switch would be a simple on/off switch, not a dimmer.
Any suggestions?

This should definitely be doable, but first we need to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary. :thinking:

The multi tap feature needs to be built into the switch in order for this to work reliably, but fortunately several models do offer it. It is usually called “multi tap” or “double tap.”

Because SmartThings itself is in the middle of a huge transition from one architecture to another, I would recommend choosing a switch from a company that has already committed to keeping up with these changes.

For the US, two popular brands that have done so are Zooz (the house brand for The Smartest House) and Inovelli.

The tech support at both companies is usually very good, so you can contact them to ask which model would be best for your use.

Inovelli has been having supply chain challenges and at the time of this writing is out of stock of most products, but here’s that link as well:

Once you have a switch that can do double tap, you can create a rule in SmartThings that includes the delay in response to it.

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You would look for a switch with button capabilities. For example, if you are in the US or Canada, the Inovelli LZW30-SN Red Series switch will work as a regular switch and a scene controller. You can configure multiple scenes, such as for the extended fan time, via multiple presses of the paddle or a press of the config button.

The only problem is Inovelli inventory is difficult to find now.

I am in the US (Delaware), so I will check these out. Thanks!

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I’ll second Zooz and Inovelli. Any of their devices should support up to 5x tap.

If your light is dimmable and has separate wiring to the switch then you could also look at the Zooz ZEN30, which would let you control light and fan separately with multi-tap on each button.

The current generation of GE/Jasco Z-WAVE switches will also do multi-tap - I’ve seen up to 3x. The Zooz and Inovelli devices tend to have more features overall though.