Smart Switch Designs With a Nice Click

Are there any smart switches that also look and feel like regular switches? I like the click of a regular switch, you can feel it in the dark and hear when it clicks on and off. I currently have the regular paddle switch style and have tried several smart switches but none of them have that satisfying “click”. Any suggestions?

Most smart switches are not “bi stable,” meaning they don’t lock into up for on and down for off. Instead they are “momentary” switches, more like a doorbell button, where contact is made at the time that you press and then theswitch returns automatically to the neutral position. That’s why you’re not feeling a click.

There are a couple of options.

You can use a switch cover which mechanically moves the original switch underneath it. This will feel very much like a regular switch. The main problem is that these are battery operated, so you may have to change change batteries every couple of months.

The other option is to use an in wall micro with your existing switches. The problem with this is that the switch at the wall can get out of sync with the actual status of the light if you are also using voice command or the SmartThings app to control the switch. So the Switch might be down, but the light would be on. That bothers some people, but not others. There are several brands of these, including Aeotec, Fibaro, and Vision.