Smart smoke detectors

Leeo is hands down the best option here. I’ve had two Leeo’s, as well as my Insteon connected First Alerts. The Leeo’s ALWAYS alert me faster than the Insteon, or my connection via IFTTT/Insteon to Smart Things.

I tested Heiman Smoke Detector z-wave plus 868.42MHz (HS1SA-Z) and works good, but only smoke detector, not CO.
I made a mini post here: Heiman Smoke Detector z-wave plus 868.42MHz (HS1SA-Z)

can you tell me the device handler you use

Is there a smoke/CO detector that also has a temperature sensor?

It is a smoke detector type : Heiman HS1SA-Z

I use “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm”

I have the Halo+ and it has Smoke/CO/Temp/Humidity and NOAA radio. Not the cheapest HW smoke detector but I’ve put it through it’s paces (I install life safety systems for a living) and it works as good as any smoke detector I’ve ever dealt with. Did take me 2 tries to get it on my WiFi though.

That’s a little rich for me. I’m honestly more interested in a good/cheap temp sensor with long battery life than I am in the smoke detectors. I do also need a couple smoke detectors and was trying to kill two birds…

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