Hardwire smoke/carbon monoxide detector

I have hardwired units in my home and would like to integrate a smart detector somewhere in the system. Is there a unit that will work with the hardwired units? I have BRK units currently. Thanks.

Do you mean 110v powered? My Nest Co/Smoke detectors are AC powered.

They are 110v powered and all connected so when one alarms they all alarm. I don’t want to replace them all because they are pretty new. I would like to be able to integrate one new “smart” detector or other device that will function with the others and also ST hub so I can get notifications etc.

This has come up in a few threads before. IIRC Halo’s interconnect wire may work with other brands’ detectors, but they don’t guarantee it. Nest protect’s interconnect is wireless.

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If you don’t want to replace your smoke detectors you can take a look at Leeo. It is a smart acoustic device that detects and alerts when smoke detectors go off. Otherwise, I’d look at Halo smoke detectors.

I will look at the acoustic device, but I may try this. It says I can integrate with my existing hardwire system. I am going to call them tomorrow and see what they say.


I checked out the leeo it may be my best option. Do you know if it will work with a carbon monoxide alarm sound also? Is this hard to integrate with smartthings?

Halo does what you want

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I see that the leeo does detect a CO alarm as well. Now I just need to know how hard it would be for a novice to integrate with smartthings.

Not that hard to integrate Leeo, you can do it with virtual switches. You can generally follow directions here in the forum or in the community wiki to install custom device handlers and virtual devices, no need to code anything yourself.

You may want to look into the halo thread where they discussed this more. I have a halo and I like it, but no need for the interconnect wire in the relatively small apartment I live in.

I also have a Leeo and it’s integrated with ST, can’t have too many ways to get remotely notified about smoke or CO, IMO.

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Another vote for Halo.

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BRK has a relay module you can purchase and integrate with ST via contact sensor. When your the interconnect wire is set, the relay will change the NO/NC wires that a contact sensor can detect.

Many of us on the community have done this:

How difficult is it for someone with not a lot of experience to get the BRK unit up and running with smartthings?

I’ve used that method too, with the kidde version of the relay :slight_smile:.

Did you wire your smoke detectors yourself? If so, it’s not much more complicated to integrate one of those relays with ST. @vseven’s write-up is a great one and explains most of the steps, IIRC.

I’m not concerned about the wiring or anything just the integration part. Since all of my detectors are daisy chained together do I only need one BRK unit?

Integrating the BRK relay to ST is similar to the steps you would take to integrate Leeo, in terms of difficulty, but the exact steps required will differ somewhat.

I believe if the relay device is added to the interconnect wire, it should go off if any of the connected alarms are triggered.

Some of the threads in this forum can get pretty long and info gets buried, but there’s a lot of good stuff in the threads linked to above.

Is there a specific DH for the BRK sensor or will it integrate automatically? I read through the posts above but am still a little confused. Can someone point me in the right direction please. It will be arriving in the mail today I would like to install it this evening if I have time. Thanks.

The BRK relay doesn’t integrate with SmartThings.

The relay wires are connected to a z-wave contact sensor that can accept an external input. There are a few brands that can do this, although I believe the actual device is the same just rebranded by a few resellers.

When the relay is triggered by a smoke alarm (or CO, depending on which relay and detector you’re using), the normally open circuit closes, the contact sensor is triggered and registers an event in ST that, thanks to the custom contact sensor device handler, can be interpreted as a smoke event (rather than a door open/close event).

Ahh I understand now after a little more reading. I went ahead and ordered the ecolink sensor which is supposed to the the same as the Schlage sensor. I took a screenshot of the wiring diagram in another post. once I have it all installed is there a DH i can copy?

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Yup you can use @vseven’s DTH, pretty sure he includes info for his GitHub repo in that thread.

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