Smart Power Strip, VPRAWLS WiFi Power Socket Surge Protector

I just picked this up: VPRAWLS WiFI Power Socket Surge Protector. It integrated into Alexa through Jinvoo and also appears in the Jinvoo app and works fine in both.

My problem is that while it and each individual plug and the usb ports show up in IFTTT under Smart Life separately, I can’t get it to work or integrate into the virtual switches I made in SmartThings. This worked perfectly with the Hausbell plug, so I’m not sure what is going on.

Has anyone tried this yet or got it to work? Or does SmartThings have a direct integration yet?

Update: I can switch on/off the entire power strip if I pick that option, but even though it lists the individual plugs, they won’t work.

I have exact same problem…let me know if you figure out any fix for this.

Okay, got it.

For Device Type, make it an on/off button.

Jinvoo App:
Create two scenes, one for on and one for off.

If you haven’t done it before, you click on the + for create new scene, skip step 1, go to Step 2 Add Task, Choose the power bar, choose the switch, and select On. Name it something like Lights On and Save. Repeat for Off.

In IFTTT, when you create the applets, in Smart life you’ll pick Activate Scene.

Update: it’s now working normally in IFTTT, no need for scenes.