Integrating a WiFi enabled power strip

Just bought the Weiliante WiFi Smart Power Strip that is Google Home enabled with 4 USB plugs and 4 outlets. It is not compatible with SmartThings but I was hoping to get it to function properly using a combination of IFTTT, Google Home and Virtual Switches. My goal is to be able to voice control the device via Google Home and monitor the state of the device as well as control it with ActionTiles. So I set it up to my WiFi using the Smart Life app on my android phone, renamed the device “Power Strip”, “Plug 1-4” and “USB ports”. Connected the Smart Life app to Google home and the voice controls work flawlessly. I then setup 6 virtual switches named them according and am trying to decide how to connect all of this together to be able to monitor and control the devices as stated above. Is there any way for SmartThings to see the Smart Life in devices in the Google Home app?

Or am I going to have to make a recipe for every Smart Life device in IFTTT to be triggered by the SmartThings virtual switches? If this is the only way, how stable/effective is IFTTT and does SmartThings pole IFTTT to maintain the proper device state? Looking for the most efficient means to achieve the goal.

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Yes you’ve got the proper idea. Ifttt is fairly reliable. I used ifttt for a long time to control Google assistant responses for smart home requests, like turn on the tv, yes your grace… Etc.

I use a similar setup now with my ge dishwasher. Not supported by ST but i made a virtual switch that ifttt triggers when the dishwasher is done, so the Google homes announce that the dishwasher is done.