Smart plugs on extension cable


I’m new to the world of automated housing but I am slowly coming obsessed

I do not own smart things yet but will be buying one in the next month or so, I have a question if I had an extension outlet with my tv, ps4 and router for example but the TV and PS4 were plugged in using the smart plug outlet would I be able to turn them off individually?

I’m thinking yes but since I’ve never used the equipment first hand I wasn’t sure


You didn’t specify what smart plug outlet you are referring to. Are talking about the plug-in smart outlet or the in-wall smart outlet? Using a plug-in style on an extension cable with multiple outlets could be an issue because of its size blocking some extension outlets.

Anything plugged into a smart outlet can be controlled as one thing. So if you plug the extension cable into a wall outlet or plug-in outlet, everything on the extension will be turned off/on as one.

You need to be careful which smart plugs you use so you don’t lose space on the power strip (assuming you are using one since you mentioned 3 items). Something like the older aeon labs ones will work:

There is also a smart power strip:

One thing I will mention to make note of, be careful powering off the PS4. Make sure you are using the system to turn it off (not sleep mode) before using this. Logitech Harmony can actually turn off the PS4 for you.
Turning it off while on or in sleep mode forcefully can cause corruption.

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There are also some zwave smart extension strips, typically with four controllable outlets, and while it may require custom code they can be set up so that you can control each one individually. That’s generally less expensive than buying four smart plugs and will work better from a safety and engineering standpoint. It’s just a simpler solution.

The Aeon DSC11, for example, has 4 controllable outlets and 2 always on outlets

Thanks for the reply the zwave smart extension sounds like the type of idea I’m looking for but I’m not sure if that’ll be compatible to work in the uk?

True, devices are different in the UK than the US, so it can be helpful if you specify that you need a UK solution at the beginning. That way people will know what to suggest. :sunglasses:

Most of the aeotec devices are available on both the US and the UK frequencies, but I’m not sure about that one. And personally I’m not comfortable using a power adapter for a power strip.

There is a Greenwave power strip that is certified for the UK, but I don’t know how hard it will be to find. It looks like is no longer carrying it.

That might mean that Greenwave is getting a zwave plus model ready, as many manufacturers are doing that right now. But if so, it hasn’t been certified yet. So I’m not sure when it might come to market.

You could contact both Aeon labs and Greenwave and see what they say.