Multiple Questions about outlets

Hello, first time forums poster.

I had a few questions about turning devices on and off with receptacles/power strips. Thank you all in advanced for reading and possibly responding.

My wife constantly leaves the surround sound receiver on for long periods of time, I am wanting to turn off the plasma TV and receiver off when we leave the house. At first I was wanting to put in a compatible Z-Wave/Zigbee power strip but I am unsure which would work with the system. Then I thought about putting in two GE Z-wave outlets side by side, one to control the TV (second outlet for Apple TV), the other to control the receiver (second outlet for xbox). I understand the xbox and Apple TV would always be on and not Z-Wave controlled and Im fine with that.

So my questions are…

  1. Does anyone know of a compatible power strip?

  2. Would my TV and receiver overload the GE receptacle? (Can not find wattage on either the TV or Receiver)


As for a power strip, this one does work as long as you don’t mind turning your TV and Receiver on and off at the same time:

Contrary to the one negative review on Staples, I have paired mine successfully both with SmartThings and Vera. SmartThings can currently turn all 4 switchable outlets on and off at the same time (changing each outlet independently is coming).

As for the GE outlet, I ran my entertainment center through a metering outlet and with the TV, PS3, Apple TV, and few other small electronics all running I never had over 300 watts. Unless your receiver, is pulling more than another 300 watts you should be fine with the 600w limit on the outlet. (Another benefit of the Aeotec power strip above is that it will tell you how much wattage is being used in realtime).

Awesome, thank you @trotsky40 for the reply.

@kalekelly I’d do some testing / research on your TV and cable box before installing the outlet. Many newer TVs prefer a constant stream of power to their capacitors and it can greatly reduce their life if you plug / unplug them on a regular basis (which is what you are effectively during when using a Z-Wave relay on them).

I’ve found that my cable boxes go through a complete reboot process when unplugged which can take several minutes.

I’d hate for you to go through the hassle of buying / installing an outlet just to find that it can’t be used, or worse it’s caused your expensive TV to die.

@craig I don’t have cable, I use an Apple TV which I was going to connect into the “always on” port to prevent booting up each time. I haven’t heard about the reduced television life you mentioned. That is something I’ll look into, Thanks for the advice.

If you are going to have a power strip that turns on everything at the same time why do you need a special power strip? I have a regular surge protector plugged into a wemo and it turns everything on and off (Christmas lights).

@wamblej I too thought of this, In another forum post someone said they overloaded an outlet by plugging a stand alone heater into it. Even though it was rated at the same wattage.

I didn’t want to do this with my entertainment center as I am unsure how much power it takes. To be safe I wanted to go above and beyond.

That’s certainly an option @wamblej,

Obviously the ability (hopefully coming soon) of the AEON to turn on/off each the four outlets independently would be great. The other nice thing about the AEON is that it does have two “always on” and four switchable outlets. But this is sort of a minor benefit if, like you, you just want it all on/off at the same time.

Also, just to share, there is a a few hours left in a Kickstarter campaign for a Zigbee power strip that will be compatible with SmartThings. Obviously this isn’t available right now. It’s supposed to be out in April, but we all know the reliable of those estimated dates, don’t we?!?

I purchased the Aeon power strip and am very happy. For my needs I didn’t need something for each outlet to be controlled individually, but no doubt would be a nice option.

My Plasma uses far less power than I thought when its turned off but through the metering app, I was using 600w+ with receiver, powered sub, plasma TV and Xbox on.

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions