Adding manual option for smart plug in?

I have a smartThings Wall plug with a floor lamp plunged into it. I use luminance and motion to decide whether or not the lamp is needed. The problem I am trying to solve is my wife wants to be able to flip a switch and turn the floor lamp on should she want it brighter in the room. (The smartThings plug is plugged into a switched outlet)
I assume the plug is in a offline state when the switch turns the power off to the outlet. Is there any way to change mode if the plug goes offline and then online again? This way if my wife wants the light to stay on, she can toggle the switch, the app will see that the device went offline and then online again, which will change the mode to “Manual”.

The smart plug needs to be always “on” even when the light isn’t. Otherwise it wouldn’t be able be able to hear the next “on” command from the network. So if anyone turns it off with a dumb switch, it can’t come back on again until the current is restored. A common issue in smart home installations.

I’m not sure exactly which model you have, but most of the plug ins have a button on the front that you can push to manually turn on the controlled device. Not always conveniently placed though.

The other alternative is to provide a separate control button that’s nearby,conveniently placed, and obvious to visitors, etc. see the following topic for some examples:

The other alternative is to replace the load controlling switch with a smart switch, but that requires wiring.

Further to what @JDRoberts says, you could use a Minimote (small 4 button remote). One of the buttons on it could turn on the floor lamp irrespective of luminance.


This topic lists most of the buttons and remotes that people have working with ST:

Since the lamp is plugged into switched outlet why not use a zwave switch instead of the smartThings Plug. You could turn the switch on manually or with your automation settings. The smartThings Plug could then be reused somewhere else.


This is the high spouse acceptance factor method. Switches act like switches. But the home can also turn stuff on (or off) based on your home automation desires. You can even do nice things like not turn stuff off if a human turned it on (with smart apps, anyway)

I’m up to 12 switches in my house. Likely will do at least 6 more. It’s a cleaner install too.

It’s not rocket science - if you’ve successfully installed a dumb dimmer switch you can do it… as long as your wiring has a neutral to the switch box.

I could. I was just trying to use what I already had.

I’m hoping my Flics that I backed will get some ST love when the illusive hub v2 ships. That will get a high approval factor in our house.