Smart plug metering voltage

Hi, I have several smart plugs (zigbee and z-wave, eg. Fibaro) that can be switched on/off but also measure the used power and current energy.
But I know some of this devices can measure also current and voltage (when connected e.g. to tuya zigbee gateway). What I need is to measure and create automations based on network voltage (for solar energy). I have not found a smartthings driver that shows that capability. Is there a device that can measure also voltage with current drivers? Or perhaps standard drivers for smartthings can be extended for some devices with this feature (voltage metering)? Any help welcome.

You can Z-Wave and ZigBee devices which can do that. Monoprice used to make some earlier, you can check our ZooZ switches, they also have some devices or the NeoCam Mini Plug.

SmartThing drivers are very basic and AFAIK they don’t provide voltage measurement. They don’t even support current measurement officially so no way they can provide that, it’s something we’ve implemented as a custom capability. Hopefully they’ll make it standard in future, it’s a request we’ve been asking them for a while now.