Smart phone as location tracker

I understand that a Smartphone can be easily added as Presence Sensor in Smartthings app and that works fine whether phone is at Home or not.

At the same time, I need inputs on how to have Smartphone included in Smartthings app as a location tracker. Implying it knowing about the location/coordinates based on the polling interval.

  • Any already available app in community ?
  • or Smartapp which is based on another phone app which is tracking the location (eg: life360 does that for family tracking )
  • Or suggestion/discussions on how to go about it ?

Sorry if it has been discussed already.

Not sure if this is helpful for your intended use case(s), but I recently noticed that Alexa can trigger smart device routines based on a phone’s location (address), not just if the phone is “home” or away.

@TylerDurden Thanks for responding.

Only issue is that I am based on Ok Google. Not sure if it is applicable over there.

I was finally looking into having the location available and querying Google with “how far is person X right now from home ?” (If Smartthings present my phone as a device with current location attributes) and then : ok Google -> actions on Google app for it service by doing the maps calculation (if actions on Google is this feature rich).

Any other way if this can be achieved. Asking the question as “where the person is ?” OR “how far the person is from home ?”

May be Smartthings is not required at all and can be achieved by “actions know Google” by tapping in in some phone’s app API doing it.

Open for suggestions.

This MAY be something that can help you do this.

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Doesn’t sound like the Alexa approach would help with those use cases. But as a side note, I believe you can install the Alexa app and set up routines and enable the SmartThings Alexa skill without having an actual Alexa device.

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@oldcomputerwiz cool. Vl try out this thing. Thanks for the info.

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