Smart night lights multi-motion zones off/on

I love the Night Light app, however I am looking for something more choices.

I have a multilevel home and hate stumbling a round in the dark making formula for my kid in the kitchen and then having the light turn off on me just because there is no motion detected by the motion sensor in the hallway. That is a pain.
Wish there was an app that would turn the kitchen light when there is motion detected on the second floor and to turn it off when I trigger motion on the third floor. And have this actions only happen in the Night mode.

Correct me if I am wrong. This is very simple. I live in a multi split level home. I have a motion sensor on my second floor (SmartSense - first generation). When it detects motions during a certain time frame (early morning), I turn on three Philips Hue lights on the first floor in my formal living room next to the kitchen.

  1. Create a Hello Home Action. Name it anything like “Don’t stumble when it is dark”.
  2. Set “Turn on these lights or switches” under “What do you want to happen”.
  3. Under Additional Settings, set the option of “Automatically perform” when “Things start happening” and select the “Motion Sensor” in the screen.

So, you don’t have to stumble any more when it is dark :slight_smile:

I want the third floor motion sensor turn the kitchen light on the second floor and on when the second floor motion sensor is triggered to turn the kitchen light dimmer on. And have this only happen during night mode.

I have a similar setup at home. Still at work :wink:

Let me see if I can set up some action to do that without actually writing some new app once I am home.


Great. Thanks for the heads up. Will look forward to finding out how to set this up.