Smart Locks not updating with Garage Door (Simulated Lock)

I have the Smart Locks engaged on my dashboard under the Home Solutions and it properly shows my front door (Kwikset 914).

I would really like this to also feature my garage door. The garage door is controlled by the Iris Garage Door Controller. In order to add the garage door, I added a ‘Simulated Lock’ to SmartThings. The Smart Locks picked this up right away! :slight_smile:

However, when the simulated lock is ‘unlocked’, the Smart Locks interface still reports “All Locked” :frowning:

Now when I click on the Smart Locks tab, it brings me to the Smart Locks screen, which does show in red “Some locks are unlocked” and shows the Simulated Lock (Garage Door) as unlocked.

So my question is how do I get the SmartLocks app to show properly on the front page of the dashboard?

No ideas eh?