Smart locks in need of help

hi,i want to get two locks for my two front doors but i am have a problem to figure out which ones would fit my doors.can some one more experienced

share some light on this.

(I moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs and preferences.)

We’re going have to ask a couple of questions first in order to figure out what locks might be suitable.

First thing: what region are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat. And which smartthings hub do you have?

Second: is your first door a multi point lock? That is, does the one lever cause both of those latches to open?

Third: for your first door, you are probably going to have to replace the handleset at least on the interior and maybe on both sides. Are you willing to do that? It will be quite a different look than what you have now.

Fourth: your locks are keyed on both sides. In the United States, that is a violation of the fire safety code in most areas for any residential building in which people sleep. You now have to be able to get out from such a building without requiring either a special code or a key. however, there are other countries where double keyed locks are still used. If you are in the US, are you OK with not having a secured lock on the inside?

Fifth: you said those are two front doors, but the second one looks more like a gate. That raises a couple of additional questions. Is the area exposed to cold, rain, and snow on the sides?

Sixth: does the second door have to be secured on both sides? That’s fairly common for gates, to keep people from reaching over and opening the gate from the inside.

Finally, we need the measurements in inches or centimeters for the existing areas. the second one looks like it’s quite a bit smaller than a typical door lock space, so that might restrict the choices. Also, I can’t tell from the pictures – – when the second door is closed how much clearance space is there on the interior side?

There will probably be some options that will fit your project, but we will need these answers before we can start considering specific devices. :sunglasses:

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Hi Sir,thank you for your time.
1.i live in mexico and usually buy stuff on amazon if they are able to ship to here.
i own samsung smartthings hub.,the lever only affects the upper one when you are opening the door from inside. basically it behaves like a door handle on inside.from out side have the same affect when you turn the key all the way counter clockwise.
3.yes willing to do it as i am sure i can find something that will be good,i just dont have idea which way to go.
4.not in the US,just bought this house and trying to do the best,smartest and safest solution.
5. my mistake,other one is a gate from the street that you access front yard to.yes its exposed to the elements.
6. looking for the tape measure now lol

So the good news is since you are in Mexico that’s the same Z wave frequency as The US and Canada, so you will have a wider choice of devices.

Also, it’s good news that that is not a multi point lock. :sunglasses:

I understand you are not in the US, so there is no safety code issue, but there is still the basic question of are you willing to not require a key for the interior side of the first door? The reason that matters is the US manufacturers just don’t make double keyed zwave locks for homes because of the firecode there. There are some made for commercial buildings, but they are much more expensive and hard to find.

If you are willing to just have a simple lever to turn on the inside of the house, then There will be a number of options for your first door.

If you want to require a code or a key for the inside of the house, then I would probably suggest getting the US style lock and then putting a box over it with a non smart keyed lock on the box. It will still be a fire safety issue, but I understand that in some countries that come second to break in prevention.

But of course it also changes the look so that’s another consideration.

The gate lock is going to be very different issue because of the exposure to weather. But we can talk about that one after you get the measurements