Smart door locks, just the deadbolt?

Most exterior doors (at least mine) include both a deadbolt and a knob/lever lock. However, all the videos I see of people switching to smart locks show people only replacing the deadbolt.

Are those people just leaving the other lock unlocked? Is a second lock even necessary if you have a deadbolt?

I’m just curious.

My lever is basically just an interior lever that can open and close. The deadbolt is the only smart device for my locking.


I think it depends on your setup, and in some cases whether or not you want to trade convenience for security.

Before I moved I used to have a two lock handleset, single cylinder each, with the deadbolt on top, which is I think average for the front door on most single family homes. When I went “smart” I just replaced the top deadbolt with a Kevo, and was using BlueTooth on my phone to unlock it, while leaving the bottom unlocked.

The bottom always seemed like overkill anyway, and I would only lock it when I was going on vacation.

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This, the handle/ lever locks are much easier and there are more options to circumvent (crdit card style if wanted) . If someone can pick your deadbolt the handle lock will probably be cake for them (typically)

Is much easier to our a rock through a window though…