Smart Locks compared

@brainf2 can you explain how the Schlage touchscreen works with the presence tags? I would think you would only want it to detect the presence X feet in front of the lock and not when walking around inside.

Brian is it possible to have the door unlock when you arrive home without you having to do anything, such as input your code on the keypad or use the app on your phone? I haven’t bought anything yet but I do like the Schlage.


I finally got my Danalock working with the hub. The hub has to be really close to pair, or at least mine did. I took the lock off the door and set it next to the hub. Once it was recognized as a generic Z wave device, go into the web interface and change it to a Z wave lock. Exit out of the mobile app and unplug the hub for a minute or so. Plug it back in, go back into the mobile app and see if it works. There is a little bit of a lag when it first connects. The mobile app seems to freeze up but give it a sec, if you press the button more than once it will try to lock twice. Same with unlocking. The lock doesn’t recognize that it is already locks and will try to lock again. Surprisingly, it does tell the app what state it is in. So a little tweaking of the program will fix this. I am going to take a look, but I am just learning this stuff and it might take someone a little more experienced. Good luck.

How’s the Danalock? I’m about to order one. I’m exhausting myself looking for a smartlock for my office. Every time I think I’m leaning towards one or another, I read a review about how easy they are to break into. I think I’m down to the Danalock or the Goji


I think it is well built. I still can’t do anything with the BLE on Android. I have chatted with the developer about the Android app and still think it is in Android’s BLE additions in the API. I hear the IOS app works great but don’t have any first hand knowledge on that.

Gene, how’s the danalock?

I, personally, haven’t had any luck with Yale Real Living YRD220ZW619 Z-Wave Touchscreen. I cannot control the lock form my android, all I can do is to check its state. I’ve tried to remove it from the network, and add again, but no results.

i prepaid for a Goji lock, but they have delayed it over one year now. i’ve had a Schlage Century touchscreen for a couple of days and love it. all i really wanted was for the door to automatic lock and unlock, so i can just lean on the lever and crawl back in my hole.