Kevo/Weiser Bluetooth Electric Lock

Have you guys seen this? Does anyone know if this will work with S.T.?

I was wondering the same thing. Right now it doesn’t sounds like it. They use the latest Bluetooth for it. Not sure if it connects to your wifi but even then I don’t think it has an open api.

I hadn’t thought of that at the time when i emailed them. I might email them again about the open api. Here was their response about z-wave and Zig bee.

Hello Nick,

Thank you for your interest in Kevo. Kevo deadbolt is not Z-Wave or Zig bee compatible.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to assist you.

Virginia O.
KEVO Support Team

ST wouldn’t have a way to communicate with it, since it uses bluetooth. And it appears to use advanced enough features of bluetooth that it doesn’t even work with Android phones!

I think it’s got to have WiFi as well as you can “remote unlock” it as well as get updates of activity. That’s can’t happen via bluetooth.

I emailed them back and asked about wifi and an open api. Also what other ways they might be able to tie into a home automation system. In their response they didn’t say anything about the wifi or the api. This is all they said.

Thank you for your interest in Kevo. The Kevo deadbolt is not Z-Wave or ZigBee compatible, however it will be offered in the future.

The Kevo doesn’t have wifi, so you can’t lock it remotely. You can just give another person’s iPhones permission to unlock it.

If you find a picture of the other side of the lock, it looks like it’s the same product internally as the Kwikset Smartcode locks, but with an LED ring on the front instead of a keypad and Bt 4 instead of Z-Wave (Kwikset and Weiser are the same corporation). We are looking at ways to add Bluetooth support to our system, but it will still be a while.

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We are looking at ways to add Bluetooth support to our system, but it will still be a while.
Hope sooner than later, but better than never! :) I do hope that BTLE makes its way into ST ecosystem because I think it'll be eventually at the main stage of internet of things and make z-wave and zigbee irrelevant.

On a side note, does ST have plan to support other smart door locks? Lockitron, August, Goji…

The Kevo unit does use Bluetooth exclusively to communicate, however it does have the ability to do things like:
– Show log of who accessed the door
– Remotely send an E key.

The way it has to do this is to take advantage of the internet connection on the iPhone (and android shortly). This means that there must be some API to Kevo’s servers in order to make all of this magic happen. What this means is that there may be a way to have SmartThings interface with Kevo, not through Bluetooth but through Kwikset’s APIs. Granted, you would not be able to do a lock/unlock, but you would be able to use this like a door sensor/presence sensor.

At this point, Kwikset’s APIs are not open, but perhaps SmartThings may have a little more pursuetion that just a potential customer calling in to get access.

Bringing the thread back to life! Anyone think we will see Kēvo support with ST Hub 2.0 since it will support Bluetooth LE?

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Another bump with @cmfraz. I’ve picked up smartthings 2.0 hub and am wondering if it’s bluetooth support will integrate with my kevo somehow…?

I too would love to see Kevo support. I’m torn between purchasing a Kevo or Kwikset ZWave lock. My home is on matched Kwikset locks, so its a no brainer to stay with them, so it really comes down to the connectivity. Hopefully ST makes an announcement soon, because the Kevo is my preference.

It looks like the hub v2 has Bluetooth obviously. However, it hasn’t been turned on just yet. The announcement I came across said within six months of when it was released Bluetooth should be enabled so, as a developer myself, I expect about a year after it came out Bluetooth will be enabled. At that point it should be pretty easy for kevo or smartthings to figure it out hopefully.

I’m wondering with the rthe lease of Kevo plus as a Wi-Fi Bluetooth bridge if there will be a way to get ST to talk to it.

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I got the Kevo plus hub and it’s working great!

Has anyone been working on trying to get it to work with ST?
I’m assuming it will take awhile since it just came out.

Any Updates on the potential for integration between the Kevo plus system and the ST hub? Apparently the Kevo Plus is made of unobtainium because they are had to get.

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Bump. Any update on Kevo working with ST?

Direct connection - Bluetooth radio on hub is not on. Kevo is not open bluetooth so probably never.
Cloud connect - as soon as Kevo open api

At this time Kevo integrated just nest thermostat and ring doorbell.
They are not going too fast. ifttt promised 2 years ago…

IF released:

Anyone else having issues with reliability of Kevo IFTTT? I have 2 applets setup in IFTTT (one to hit a momentary switch which triggers I’m Back! Routine when I unlock and one to hit a momentary switch which triggers Goodbye Routine when I lock) and they only seem to trigger 25-50% of the time.

Just thought I’d bring this thread back to life…CLEAR…

And see if there’s still interest…