Smart Lock Guest Access Overview

Does anyone have a good overview of the “Smart Lock Guest Access” app?

I’m trying to find out if there is a limit on the number of users/codes that it can handle per lock.

It can’t because the underlying z-wave device handler doesn’t capture that information, you would need to do that manually.

A better option for a Z-Wave lock would be to use this Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler which queries the lock and reports that information. This app (LUM) then uses that information to ensure that you don’t end up accidentally programming more codes than the lock can support. This works with both Z-Wave and ZigBee locks.

@RBoy thanks for the reply.

I’m hoping someone can point to a good overview, a “How To”, or a Manual for the “Smart Lock Guest Access” app.

I’m curious if, for example, it has a built-in limitation of a maximum of 8 codes per lock. Regardless of the Brand/Model of the lock and the number of codes that model can handle, does “Smart Lock” impose “its own internal limit” on all makes/models?

Thanks again.

The information available is found through trial and error. It’s job is to be a basic interface for users to add a few codes. I’ve seen its functionality changes from time to time without notice I don’t have a way to answer your question definitively.

I reached out to SmartThings Support. While they were not able to link to a Manual, FAQ, or Overview, they did provide this comprehensive overview, which may help other users in setting up the Smart Lock Guess Access App:

Brief Overview

We would like to inform you that with Smart Lock Guest Access, you can remotely program and manage codes for your connected smart door locks from your phone at any time. Smart Lock Guest Access can also show you the status of all of your locks at a glance, lock all doors with a single press, and show you the recent activity of your lock–including which guest codes were used and when.

Here are the steps to set up Smart Lock Guest Access:

To get started, first enable the Smart Lock Guest Access Recommended Automation in the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select SmartApp
  2. Select Smart Lock Guest Access.
  3. Touch CONTINUE.
  4. Touch Allow to confirm

The Smart Lock Guest Access card will be automatically added to your Home screen.

Managing locks:

Using the Smart Lock Guest Access card, you can view the current state of your locks and lock all locks with a single press.

When all doors are locked, the card will turn blue. When any door is unlocked, the card will turn red. Touch LOCK ALL to quickly lock all unlocked doors.

Creating guest codes:

Create guest codes to invite guests to use your smart locks. Each guest code must have a unique guest name and can be between 4 to 8 characters, depending on the lock’s native capabilities.

After creating a guest code, you can share the code with your guest via email, text message, or manually by copying the invite. You can also simply just tell your guest the code.

Note: Any lock codes created in the SmartThings app will override codes created on the physical lock.

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Smart Lock Guest Access card
  2. Touch the dropdown arrow beside Locks
  3. Select Lock codes
  5. Enter the guest’s name
  6. If you have more than one lock, assign the code to a lock
  7. Enter the code
  8. Touch CREATE CODE
  9. Touch SHARE to share the code with your guest

Managing guests:

After creating a guest code, you can delete the code or change the name of the guest at any time in the SmartThings app.

Note: For security purposes, lock codes cannot be altered after they have been created. To edit a lock code, delete the existing guest code and create a new one:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Smart Lock Guest Access card
  2. Touch the dropdown arrow beside Locks
  3. Select Lock codes
  4. Select the guest code
  5. Touch EDIT GUEST NAME to rename the guest, or touch DELETE to delete the code

Regarding the Maximum Number of Users Per Lock

Regarding the query which you have asked about the maximum number of Users per lock, we would like to inform you that the maximum number of users per lock depends on the specific lock model which you are using. Based on the given details, we will let you know about the maximum number of users for the lock.

Helpful Link for Searching Related Posts in the SmartThings Community

We would like to inform you that you can check out our SmartThings community forum regarding the information you need. For your reference, please visit the link below:

So just to clarify, the USA has a smart app available to manage locks developed by Samsung for free called the Smart Lock Guest Access smart App. While the rest of the world relies on @RBoy developing and supporting their own smart app (Lock User Management or LUM) at a cost of $40?

Is that correct, have I interpreted this situation correctly?