Smart Lights mode restriction failure

Yesterday I converted most of my old Lights & Switches shortcut apps to Smart Lights. Last night, at 3:30 AM, my bedroom lights came on from motion, caused by Smart Lights. The app has a mode of restriction of only turning on during Day mode (same as Home mode), but it was Night mode at the time.

Ticket filed, but here we are still with mode restrictions failing in their brand new app.

It’s not just Smart Lights. Mode restrictions are failing all over and support knows about it, for everyone else who has the issue just file a ticket so that it can get into the high priority queue.

I have tons of tickets open on modes. This has to be the priority as it renders most of the stuff useless.

Yup, I’ve been having mode ignorance issues for the last two weeks or so.
Been having the exact same issue as @bravenel with motion activated lights…
Ticket filed.

I’ve had the same issues, but with my motion setting off Sonos and drop cam pics. Put a ticket in over a month ago and sent additional information since.

I wanted to take advantage of the local processing so I too converted my lights this weekend to the new SL app after migrating to V2, but after two days of struggle, I had to (re)convert all of my lights to @slagle ‘s director app. The Smart Lights app integration with motion sensors is just unacceptable! Hey @slagle any chance your good ol’ app might one day run locally?

The current mode ignore “feature” isn’t exclusively pooched in the Smart Lights app…, Other automations that I wasn’t able to convert to Smart Lights are also being affected.
The biggest issue I have with the Smart Lights is the missing delay option when only triggering device off with motion stop.

I posted two simple apps last night, one for the missing delay option and one for the missing off after x minutes option.


My biggest issue is that lights go off even if there is continuing motion in the room. Oh and then it takes about a minute to retrigger. Had a ticket filed and the resolution was: there is a known bug with SL, but I’d be glad to file a bug report with our engineers for future correction. I told them that @slagle can fix it, but they didn’t laugh. Tim, do you know why they didn’t like my joke?

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I’m not experiencing that problem.

Very interesting. Any thoughts why they would act differently? Tim’s lighting director works like a charm…

There have been intermittent problems with motion events falling into a crack somewhere. It’s fairly transient. I had some failures several days ago, but none since. It happens from time to time. Some people are getting bit worse than others.

Has this been addressed? Because I have a motion trigger setup that should be onyl active from 12am-6am, but it’s going on well after that - and when it does, it loses the ‘turn off after 5 minutes’ setting. Definitely not optimal.

You might try using Rule Machine instead of Smart Lighting. Bugs are fixed in Rule Machine, while ST dithers around with Smart Lighting. Full disclosure: Rule Machine will not run locally on a V2 hub, while Smart Lighting does.

Thanks for the quick reply - not running locally is something I can accept vs not working right at all.

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