Smart Lights consistently sets the wrong brightness when set to "turn on"

I have Smart Lights set to “turn on” (not set brightness) and then turn off after 5 minutes when motion is detected. It always turns the on to the wrong brightness! Ex: motion is detected and lights turn on to 100%, I set them (in the app or at the switch) to 40%. Next motion event they turn back to 100%. Smart Lights always seems to “remember” the wrong brightness even though it is simply set to “turn on” no matter what I do. This is really frustrating.

I know that is frustrating.
What kind of bulbs are you using?

Leviton Vizia RF+ Z-Wave dimmers.

Week, I would live to help yoh but I have zero experience with those devices.

But, I am tagging @JDRoberts. He is the resident engineer and he literally knows everything about everything.

I’m sure he will help tough in the right direction.
Best of luck to you.

I doubt the issue has anything to do with the devices as I have used them with other automation solutions (HomeAssistant, OpenHAB, Homeseer, Zipato) with no issues. This seems to be a bug in Smart Lights since it occurs both when I update brightness via the app and update brightness via the switch.

I did build a quick automation using a GE switch to turn in a Phillips hue white bulb. If I turned it off at 40% it would turn back on at 40%.

Not sure what’s up.