Light on motion, too bright

(Markus Reimer) #1

I have a problem when I use “Turn on when there is motion” and “Set dimmers to this level” to 10%.
The lights turn on, but on full effect. (And turns off after the delay without problem.)
But if I send a “dim to 10%” command everything works as expected after that.
It’s like if SmartThings just sends a “on/off” command, and ignore the dimmer settings.
My device seems to be functioning, since the “gentle wake-up” works without any problems at all.
Does anyone else have the same problem?

(Chris Adams) #2

Having the exact same problem here. I’m using the prior generation of ST motion sensor and a Jasco/GE dimmer. Dimmer works like a charm when controlled from other aspects of the app, but trying to turn it on to 10% dim with motion always brings it up to 100% brightness. Any help would be much appreciated!