Smart lighting not turning Fibaros off


I am using the Smart Lighting app to turn a set of lights on at sunset and then off at a certain time (2 separate routines). In the past I’ve had no issues with this but recently it appears that it only turns off 1 Hue bulb and leaves the 3 Fibaros on.

I logged into the IDE to have a look at the logs but couldn’t really see anything. In the app I chose 22:00 as the time but when I look at the routine via the IDE it says:

Scheduled Jobs Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule

triggerHandler 2018-12-09 1:00:00 PM GMT PENDING 0 3 13 * * ? * Europe/London

(Sorry for formatting, I’m on my phone)

Has anyone seen this disparity before? Or know how I can fix it?