Smart Lighting - Mirror Behavior!

I just discovered the Mirror Behavior option in the Smart Lightning SmartApp. I’ve been waiting for that feature forever. When was it added? Created a Virtual Dimmer and assigned the 6 dimmers in my kitchen to it using the Smart Lighting app and presto, can dim, on, off all lights with a single dimmer.

I saw a post mentioning it earlier this week. It was posted in the beta firmware thread.

yeah, came out week or so ago. One thing it can’t do it colors. Between this and the virtual device creating smart app they have made it very easy for newcomers to create groups of individual lights.

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Kindly post a link to the Virtual Device creating smartapp. Did not know it existed and can’t locate it.

MarketPlace: SmartApps: More: Virtual Device Creator



That app is nicely hidden, thank you for the pointer.

I wish it had more device choices, including but not limited to : Simulated/Virtual Contact Sensor


and btw, the virtual devices created with that app will run local on the next firmware. So you can have local control of groups of lights.


This was actually introduced / announced to us a couple of months ago in one of the firmware beta threads so it’s fairly new.

There was further conversation about this and adding additional virtual/simulated devices to the SmartApp throughout the conversation from here on down:

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It appears to me that the only behavior of, say a “Simulated White Color Temperature” bulb that is mirrored is the On/Off state. I have three Zigbee White Color Temperature bulbs “ganged” under one of these. My observation is that once the lights are on, changing either the color temperature or the level of the simulated switch has no effect on the lights. Off works, but that’s it.

Is this expected behavior?

on/off and dim level should work, but not color temperature. Try mirroring off of one of the “real” devices instead of the simulated one.

According to the activity stream for the bulb that should be mirroring the switch, the switch is only sending it on and off. Bummer.

I get what you’re suggesting about using one bulb to drive the others. While that might work, it’s not my use case; I’ve got a ton of these “ganged” lights that use simulated switches/dimmers to driver automations (up to this point solely using WebCoRE) and have zero interest in re-working all of that just to get the on/off working locally.

Odd, but it’s not visible for me. Is it regional? I’m in the UK (stock app etc.)

Not sure which SmartApp you are looking to install:

If you are looking for the Virtual Device Creator which is what I’m assuming since your screenshot lists the SmartApps available under More, it’s very possible that it’s not there (would be at very bottom). What’s funny is I don’t see your Photo Burst… I’m in US and there are quite a few known differences between what is and isn’t available in the Marketplace between US and EU/UK. :slight_smile:

If you were looking for Smart Lights (Smart Lighting), that is under Lights and Switches.

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Hey @PeterGalbavy
can you message me your SmartThings login email id? Will fix your issue so that you can add it.


That is almost working great for me, how can I mirror back the light to the virtual switch? Let’s say that I have 3 bulbs in the dining room and a Philips physical switch on the wall and the virtual switch on smart things that mirror the behavior to the 3 lights.

When I click at the virtual switch that works fine, but, if I click at the Philips physical switch it turn on all 3 lights as expected but the virtual switch stays off

Anyone ever mirrored two switches to each other, but one being a dimmer and the other being a standard smart switch? Tia!