"Mirror behaviour" of a physical switch in new app (smart lightning smartapp not available in region)

Is there a solution to make a “virtual switch” to mirror the behaviour of a physical switch in the new app when the “Smart Lightning Smartapp” is not available in my region?

You just have to create individual automations. When switch A turns on, turn on switch B, etc.

It’s more work, but it should have the same functionality except that it will not run locally since only “smart lighting” automations are available to run locally.

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The problem is that I use a dual relay- (Ubisys S2 (zigbee)) using the custom made DTH found in this forum). This second relay is attached to a "physical switch on the wall.
Second relay shows up as “ubisys component” in the new app. When I press the button on the wall, I can see that it change state (works) in the IDE. But unfortunately, when I try to create a automation in the new app, the “ubisys component” does not show up in the list of potential devices to chose in the automation (although I can see it in the list of devices under “my devices”)

So then I create a virtual device, and want it to mirror the behaviour of the ubisys component. Because when creating a automation in the new app, the “virtual switch” show up in the list of potential devices to chose from.

“Mirror behaviour” (virtual device mirror the behaviour of the ubisys component) was possible to create in the “smart lights smartapp”. But since the smart lights app is not possible to access in the old app anymore for me, or new app (due to region), I need a new solution.

Any other suggestions? Is it possible to manually add the Smartapp “Smart lights” in the new app?

OK, that’s a completely separate issue, it doesn’t have anything to do with mirror. (That is, the mirror feature can’t fix it because the child component is not controllable by the new app no matter what type of automation you are using. So it wouldn’t work even if you did have smart lighting available.)

Many DTHs using child components that worked in the classic app do not work in the new app. :disappointed_relieved:

There is a workaround that some people have found but it requires changing the DTH.

Who authored the DTH that you are using for that device?

Ok, that explains why!
I use this device handler for the Ubisys S2 (made by author Thomas Axerot):

Any suggestions on how to alter the DTH?

I rely on text to speech, so I can’t read code. But you can see people talking about the required changes in the following thread

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I did some trial and error with various DTHs in the IDE and found out that the “Zigbee multi switch” worked perfectly!

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check to see if Smart Lighting shows as an available app to add now. There were a couple of users in Europe who reported it appeared a few days ago.

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