Smart lighting automation question about luminance

I just got my first motion sensor, the Zooz 4-in-1. I installed Kevin L’s device handler, which is awesome. Then I created an automation using the Smart Lighting app in SmartApps. This is in the classic ST app, not the new one. In the automation I set it to turn on the lights if motion is detected, but only if luminance is less than 5. Right now the luminance is 10 but the automation still turns on the lights. What am I doing wrong here? If the Smart Lighting luminance detection doesn’t work, can anyone suggest a different way to do this?

This is my setup and work fine


Thanks for posting that … I’m an idiot. I hadn’t selected a luminescence sensor for the luminescence check … since the zooz is both a motion and luminescence sensor I assumed it would just use that. Duh.

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