Smart Lighting and Windows Phone

I have an issue with the SmartThings Internal “Smart Lighting” application. It is my understanding that this is the appropriate way to automate lighting.

Here is my dashboard - with the annoying default image that I cannot amend - showing the Things I have connected:

I navigate to my room “Front” and I can see a door sensor, a smart bulb, and a motion sensor:

I select the bulb:

Then tap on “SmartApps” to see this screen:

I chose “Smart Lighting” from this list:

So far so good - time to start a new lighting automation:

I get to select the light I want:

I chose the front ceiling bulb:

I suggest it just turn on rather than have a level:

Finally, I get to pick how I trigger this action:

…but wait, there are no devices - even though we totally saw both a motion sensor and a multi-sensor:

Trying to go further from here results in this:

Does anyone know how to set up lighting automation using the Windows Phone app?

Try picking a level. I think because it’s a dimmable device, it wants you to use turn on and set level instead of just turn on. I know that should gray out the other option if you’re not supposed to do it, but just try this and see if it makes a difference.

Either that or it’s part of the current poltergeist weirdness. (I have a switch which is neither on nor off right now. :scream:)

Also, go ahead and report it to with the screenshots, in either case you shouldn’t be getting the authorization message.

Just tried with the level, same response - no Things to select as a trigger. Have emailed support.


Well, SmartThings crew, I don’t know what you did - but it worked! I tried to access the Smart Lighting section tonight and BAM, the Triggers were available!

I now have the following set up:

Using the Windows Phone app is a bit laggy on my Lumia 1020:

(I seriously can’t wait for a Lumia 950XL)

But I’m now able to set up lighting automations:

The only two issues are:

  1. The first time you save an automation, it drops the trigger and it has to be readded.
  2. You can’t set a negative offset using the keypad as no minus sign is available:

Apart from this, it’s fantastic. I’ve installed my last set of Motion Sensors.

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Tap and hold the . and you get a fly out menu with - on it.