Smart Life/Upstone WiFi Bulb

(Scott Tuck) #1

Has anyone had success getting these going with SmartThings?

UPSTONE Smart WiFi Bulb LED Smart Switch RGB Multicolor Works with Alexa Google Home Assistant

It uses an app called Smart Life to integrate with Google Home and Alexa.

Additionally, I found this:

I loaded the Smart App, but it never locates the bulb.

(Mark) #2

Did you install a device handler for the bulb first?

(Scott Tuck) #3

I didn’t. I can’t find one. :frowning:

(Mark) #4

(Scott Tuck) #5

Looks like that got me a step closer, but still no luck.

It won’t automatically discover the bulb.

I am able to manually add it by IP, and it seems to see it as a valid device; however, it doesn’t configure it.

(Eric) #6

The smartlife controller doesn’t work with bulbs to my knowledge. This device handler is for a custom flashed RGBW controller the H801. I think it’s just luck that both have the name SmartLife and are not associated.

(Mark) #7

That may very well be. I have no familiarity with this device, was just going with info provided by OP.

@JScottTuck you should ask @erocm1231 if he can assist since it’s his smartapp and dth.

(Eric M) #8

Yeah, I don’t think that bulb is supported by SmartThings. Just has Alexa integration and Android App control with whatever app they are recommending.

(Kevin) #9

I was wondering about these Upstone bulbs too. I just can’t see spending $50 per bulb for the big name brands. These Upstone bulbs at $18 each and Q&A says they are about 60W equivalent. I’m about 50-50 on whether or not the reviews are real though.

(Scott Tuck) #10

They were noticably less bright than my Hue bulbs. I sent them back due to the lack of integration. I have a couple of these on the way:

The website indicates that they will attach up the Hue Hub. I guess we’ll see!

(Kevin) #11

Thank you for the feedback. One of the more legit looking reviews on amz mentioned the lack of brightness too. Let us know how the Jiawen bulb looks! Picture #4 at the link you posted is an interesting photoshop I suspect. They show it hanging upside down by a wire, bulb on, but not plugged into a socket.

(David Tigue) #12

I know this is old but you can actually control it through ifttt. Just create a virtual switch in smart things and have that switch when activated run an ifttt applet to do what you want. I use this setup in a nighttime routine to turn everything off.


Hi are you sure about this?, because the problem I have with Smartlife devices in IFTTT is it shows me the power switches I have but the bulbs never show up in IFTTT so I can’t control bulbs. (actually in the smartlife app it shows the bulbs as compatible with Alexa and Google Home but not IFTTT)

Have you managed to overcome this ?

I have lots of Smartlife bulbs and would love to be able to integrate them better