Smart life problems

I have been using smart life for some time and have both alexa, plugs, switches and even my nest connected. All seems to work fine but when I open the app on my Moto G4 phone, whilst it opens ok when i tap on a device it comes up with the following: “System storage is not enough or the read and write permissions are not granted”
I have checked on the app permissions and the storage is ticked. I have 13.3gb of 69.21gb used in storage so plenty.
The problem is I cannot access the individual devices on the app to manipulate them (rename, schedule etc.)
Is it worth re-installing the app and seeing if this cures the problem. Whilst i can access all devices to re-add them, some are in the loft so not so easy.
Any suggestions welcome.

Hi @bertie, I updated your other post to show it’s a duplicate of this one.

This community is for the Samsung SmartThings app(s), hub, supported devices, and platform. Did you intend to post here regarding any Smart Life and ST integration issues?

Hi @johnconstantelo. Sorry, is this not for the “smart life” app. and associated problems. I posted on here because it seems UK specific rather than the page I landed on upon joining.

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No, this forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform. Similar names, but different companies with different apps.

Try the Reddit home automation subforum, they discuss all brands there.


Thanks @johnconstantelo


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