SmartApp permissions

I’m just writting simple SmartApp with the use of SmartApp Java SDK. Unfortunately I met problem with permissions.
When I’m setting up the SmartApp on Smartthings Developers site I’m marking r:devices:, x:devices: and w:devices:*. It is being verified properly and I’m deploying it. However when I’m installing it as ‘Automation’ in SmartThings Application on the mobile phone I’m getting only “See your devices” and after accepting it I’m getting in my application (on my desktop where I’m developing project in Java) information about INSTALL lifecycle with ExecutionRequest where looking as follows:

class ExecutionRequest {
    lifecycle: INSTALL
    executionId: xxxx
    locale: pl
    version: 0.1.0
    eventData: null
    installData: class InstallData {
        authToken: xxxx
        refreshToken: xxxx
        installedApp: class InstalledApp {
            installedAppId: xxxx
            locationId: xxxx
            config: class ConfigMap {
            permissions: class Permissions {

Of course no matter how I try to run any command on subscribed device (Using SmartApp Java SDK, or resttemplate with proper bearer) I’m getting 403.
Handling events with changes of subscribed devices works perfectly. What could be the reason of such strange behavior ? (marking r:devices:, x:devices: and w:devices:* when setting up smartapp on Smartthings Developer site, but finally getting only r:devices:* permission).

I will be appreciate for any help.