Smart life issue with smartthings

I have some wifi switches that I added to smartthings by selecting the smart life app inside the add item within smartthings app. That was the suggestion on the web and its working. But I now have a vaccum robot (lefant M210) and to add it to alexa, I have to install the smart life app on my phone and add my vaccum in the app and alexa use a skill to get access to my vaccum (on/off) and scene created inside the smart life app.

Here s the problem, when I go to smartthings and try to add new devices and select the smart life app, it always just load the wifi switch and I cannot see my vaccum…I cannot see my switch in the app because it was not a must to add it inside the app, its like if smartthings had pull it from my wifi directly.
Any ideas or workaround? My vaccum is also wifi and inside the pairing process with the smart life app I can see feith electrics (my switch brand) that is there by defaul inside a form but cant change it and it looks like it ll change nothing.


Not all devices in Smart Life are compatible or exposed to SmartThings. You can check compatibility in the SL app by opening the device (vacuum in your case), go to the pencil in the top right and look at the Third Party Control section.

If you really want to integrate with ST you can create a virtual Alexa Switch (dual contact/switch) in ST and use Alexa routines to link them.