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Smart lamp socket?

(Lucas Alder) #1

Hey all - new here and love my smartthings system so far! Trying to figure this out:

I have a light bulb from Sengled with a backup battery built in on the event of a power outage. It is not a smart bulb, but I want to be able to turn it off and on with smart things.

Suggestions? Thanks!

(Mark) #2

How does the bulb know your power is out vs. you flipped the switch on the lamp it’s screwed into?


The Everbright smart bulb has built-in circuitry that can tell the difference between being turned off / unplugged and a true power outage.

(Lucas Alder) #4

I should also mention that I want to use the bulb in my basement, where the only lighting is a pull-chain socket in the ceiling. Is there some kind of zigbee/Z-wave adapter for plain sockets?


There is, but I don’t know whether it will work with your bulb or not, that is whether the bulb will think the power is cut when the zwave socket is off . You may just have to try it and see.

(Lucas Alder) #6

Perfect! I’ll give it a shot.

(Glenn Stanley) #7

I recommend switching outlet to motion sensor, this works awesome hands free, and shuts off after 5 min or what you set!!