Light bulb shows offline when powered


I have an interesting scenario. I have 4 different christmas light zones all powered by outdoor smart switches. They are come on with automation with no issues. At the end of one of my zones I built a pole with a smart bulb on it. I put a smart bulb on it to change colors on it depending on different scenarios. Because this bulb is reliant on one on my smart switches. The bulb in smartthings shows offline during the day,… This is expected as that string is providing no power to that bulb during the day. When the switch gets turned on it in turn turns on the bulb. After install for a few days smartthings would see this bulb powered up and be able to run other automations as directed. Over the last few days though smartthings only sees the bulb as offline, even when it has power and physically on, in its default mode. I was afraid of this since this bulb does not have constant power however it worked fine for a few days. Anyway I can get smartthings to see it online, when it is powered?


If the bulb doesn’t have constant power nothing is guaranteed. Some bulbs do a good job reconnecting when they come back. Some… Well.

I use Sengled Zigbee bulbs when i meed bulbs. If my hub is setup to not require secure rejoin my sengled bulbs tend to reconnect when they become disconnected - but it is in NO way immediate and sometimes requires me to power cycle the bulbs. And thats the best experience ive ever had with devices reconnecting.

All this to say, yiure going to continue to have a difficult time with these bulbs - you probably want to figure out a different configuration to do what you want.