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I have an Aeotec 6 sensor in my child’s nursery, and it is plugged in to USB for power. I originally got it to trigger on and off a space heater to keep the nursery a couple degrees warmer than the rest of the house. When I got it and set it up, I found that the shortest reporting time was several minutes, even though it is plugged in to USB. I did some searching on here, found a new Device Handler that allowed me to set the reporting period to whatever I wanted (now every 5 seconds). I then set up the Virtual Thermostat smartapp and it has worked perfectly since.

Recently, our child got sick, and I put asteam humidifier in the room to up the humidity in to help. I saw there was the “Smart Humidifier” SmartApp in SmartThings and quickly set it up. Except, it doesn’t work. It will trigger the humidifier to turn on the first time it drops below the threshold. But then it won’t turn off. I then have to manually turn off the smart plug, and then when it drops below that threshold again, it doesn’t turn on. I also noticed there were other SmartApps for controlling a space heater, and tried those as well and found I was having the same problem. Could this be because I changed the Device Handler for the sensor when I first got it?? I wouldn’t think so, seems to me the SmartApps are just looking at whatever value it is reporting. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks very much to those that do!!

I have just looked at the SmartApp an it has to be continuously above or below the set value for 10 minutes.

Otherwise have a look at Live Logging to see what is logged from the SmartApp. It could be there is a different issue.

By the way @trbenton13, which app have you used? The classic or the new one?

I’ve misread the code, it just have the 10 minutes for any messages to send. But it remembers the last action. So if it was turning off, then it will only be able to turn on, but not off again.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you should try this app:

Thanks very much for your responses.

I have both SmartThings (“ST”) and SmartThings Classic on my phone. I typically use Classic on a daily basis - I find it more logical and user friendly. After you asked that, I opened SmartThings and poked around. What’s interesting is that when I open the Aeotec sensor in Classic, it reports fine. When I open it in SmartThings, it reports values, but comes up with a “Network or Server Error. Try again later.” Don’t know why that is. And I don’t know whether this symptom could be part of the problem here and with other apps I’ve tried to use this sensor with. I’m not sure why the Virtual Thermostat doesn’t have any issues, but several others do, even those created by SmartThings.

I also notice that there are far fewer SmartApps in ST versus Classic. For instance, I don’t see the Virtual Thermostat smart app that I use to manage the space heater in Classic. The one I created in Classic shows up as an Automation, but if I select “Create New Automation”, that option isn’t there. There’s a few recommended ones, and then Creat Custom. I created two custom ones for the humidifier for now - one to turn it on, another to turn it off. But, I certainly don’t prefer that, as it then requires me to go to two different places to create the parameters.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean about the 10 mins messages thing. Could you elaborate on that more? And where are you going to look at the code?

I am using for years now an adaptation of Vikash Varma SmartApp Humidity Control that I adapted to take into account the light level in the room so it basically only run my smartpluged humidifier when it’s sleeping time (nap or night). You can find the modified smartapp here
I also have a NotifyMeWhen smartapp that monitor the wattage and as my humidifier runs above 15w when it has water but around 3.5w when empty, I get notified when the tank is empty.

This is the code of the Smart Humidifier SmartApp in the Classic Smartthings app.

It has an option of notification push/sms and has a 10 minutes grace period of not sending a new message. That is what I mean.

Otherwise as I wrote there are functionality to remember the laste state as on/off. If it was off, then it can turn it on again, but not off again if I look at the code correctly.

I asked the old/new app, as some people had issues recently with automations not turning off things. But that might be not your issue here.

Have a look in the Live Logging for any issues with the smart app, through the IDE.

Hello Tom, i’d suggest you to create a ticket to SmartThings Dev Support. Here:

Great day!

i do the opposite with the custom automation creator in the new app for a bathroom exhaust fan when showering. It seems to work quite well.

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