Smart Home Yard Sale

I have a bunch of equipment that I used for tech evaluations and integration testing. Some of it is unopened and/or unused. Looking to move it out and get my office space back :slight_smile: Let me know if you are interested.

Prices include shipping to the US. If outside the US, we can negotiate that depending on cost.

Hue Econic Wall Light - (Quantity 2 New)
Price $160 or $300 for the pair

Zooz ZEN76 S2 Switches - (Quantity 3 New)
Price $25

Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controllers - (Quantity 8 Used/Great Condition)
Price $30

Aeotec MultiSensor 6 - (Quantity 2 Used/Great Condition)
Price $65

Aeotec AerQ Sensor - (Quantity 4 Used/Great Condition)
Price $30

Innr Zigbee SmartPlugs - (Quantity 2 Used)
Price $25 sold as a pair

  • These are the version 1 plugs, not the version 2. Version 1 may drop off Hue meshes. Probably better suited for a normal zigbee mesh.

This is the price at for open box with some kind of a warranty. Is there any room to negotiate?

Dang they really dropped them this week. The listing says $20 but its $34 when you add it to the cart. Not sure what’s up with their pricing. I’d consider $25 based on the quantity.