'Smart Home' smoke alarm helps save Franklin Township Residence

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1

Great story that demonstrates even “self-monitoring” (i.e., smart phone alerts) are very valuable and can save a home from fire.

This residence used Iris (Lowes), but hopefully a SmartThings alert would be as timely.

Rick Spiker, of 507 North Camp Run Road in the Fombell area of Franklin Township, was at work just before 11 a.m. Wednesday when he received a cell phone text that was literally alarming — sent by his “smart home” alarm system to say that his smoke alarm was going off.
After he got the text, Spiker contacted a relative to check on the home and called 911. As a result, damage to the home was minimal, said Franklin Township Frisco fire Capt. John Battaglia.

A First Alert Z-Wave Smoke Alarm is in my Amazon shopping cart right now!

(Greg) #2

I have that Smoke/CO detector. It paired easily and works great. I think the only missing for smoke alarms in ST is the ability to link them together. I understand this might be a limitation in the device that it can’t accept the command for alarm. But ideally if you are home and there is a fire in the basement you should want an audible alarm in your bedroom and not just rely on a phone notification. I get around this by using Big Talker to have all of my sonos report the issue.

I know that you can also use Smart Alarm to do this, but I don’t like the idea of having the same audible alarm for burglars as I do for fires - since I might respond to them differently.

(Ron S) #3

I have had 3 of these for months now… One of them is on the hallway floor. :slight_smile: The hallway ceiling is filled with ancient ones (inherited from previous owner). And this thing is loud. Use the test mode to check.

(Keith Croshaw) #4

Yeaaa I really want to get my smokes integrated. I wish my town hadn’t forced me to go hardwired interconnected. I’ve been thinking about the Leeo Nightlight even though it’s not integrated to ST, don’t know that it really needs to be.

(Mike Maxwell) #5

Searching for a zwave/zigbee device that could also leverage the interconnect/AC power features found in new construction has returned zero results…
Serious bummer…

(Joe) #6

The Cpt. Is my cousin. I showed my wife this because she is always busting me because I installed Nest Protects in our house.

(Brian Smith) #7

@keithcroshaw @Mike_Maxwell -search the forums. I have hardwired and they are integrated into ST. It was really easy. I’ll look for it as well.

(Brian Smith) #8

I did mine with an Ecolink door sensor, which has the contacts as well. Since I have a smoke in the basement, I just did the hardwire there and attached the two components to the beam with some command strips.

Using @obycode’s amazing SmartRules iOS app, I setup a rule that when the “alarms are opened” (since it is a door sensor), turn on all the lights in the house and send both a push and an SMS (just in case).

Very high family approval favor…although not when I was repeatedly testing it. :smile:

(Keith Croshaw) #9

Yea I was ready to do it, but I’m a little hesitant to splice into my wiring. When you hit the test button does ST see it as smoke detected?

(Mike Maxwell) #10

@brianlees, thanks for that, and I had read your work on that previous.
I was looking to replace the existing wired Kiddies with a zwave wired equal, in an effort at the very least to get battery status… Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, and it always starts at 2AM…

(Ron S) #11

It does and also tells you that testing is in progress…

(Keith Croshaw) #12

Hmm, tempting. Thanks for the response. And this is the MIMO Lite being spliced into an interconnected system? Suprised it can discern a test from an actual alarm.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #13

There’s another model of the same First Alert that natively ties them all together, along with a voice alert description of which unit detected smoke. Unfortunately, that model doesn’t seem to have Z-Wave.

Wireless “One-Link” interconnected, but not Z-Wave or smart home compatible…

I bet the Z-Wave I originally linked to is reduced price as a way to clear stock for an upcoming model.


I bought all mine at Lowes @tgauchat in the Iris section.

I have 11 of them, and they were super easy to pair. Under Damage & Danger within the Dashboard, I also have them set to turn on lights - specifically the room in which the detector picked up smoke, and then all the lights in all the open areas of the house (kitchen, dining, family, etc.). That’s where you can also select sirens to be turned on, which I also turn on.

(Brian Smith) #15

It wasn’t really spliced in since it was just pulling off a few wire nuts and adding a few more wires to the mix. It was very simple, so no worries there. I’m not home until Monday, but I could take a picture of it and post it. Not the prettiest, but it is an unfinished basement, so it didn’t have to be. :smile:

((Possibly not the Matt you're looking for)) #16

Great product coverage for these Z-wave alarms. I’m definitely going to put some in.

I’d be a little angry if the local newspaper wrote a story saying, ’ here’s where this guy lives, it’s out in the middle of nowhere, he works a long way from home, and he’s not there during the day.’

(Keith Croshaw) #17

I’m in the same boat and I have one in the basement I’ve targeted.

(Jim Roberts) #18

Much like all the other sensors, it will give you the percentage in the app but it wont automatically alert you. Use an instance of the low battery alert smart app and set the level to 80%. My alarms always seem to start chirping in the mid to high 70s.