WiFi Smoke Alarm?

Is there a WiFi enabled smart smoke alarm that works with SmartThings or IFTTT?
This is for my garage which is too far away for the z-wave smoke alarms to work but I do have a WiFi node in the garage. Zigbee might work too though.

Zigbee’s range in a SmartThings system is only about 1/3 that of zwave, so it’s not going to help in this instance unless the issue is that you ran out of hops.

Kidde has a WiFi acoustic monitor for US UL listed smoke alarms. It’s not a smoke detector itself: it listens for the legally defined smoke alert sound. So it can work with any US UL listed residential smoke sensor currently being sold, including a simple $10 battery model, or a fancy one like nest.

And it has its own Ifttt channel, so that’s how you would get smartthings integration.