Smart Home Monitor doesn't Arm Smart Alarm

My setup is that I want an entry delay on only one door. I have the delay setup and it works great. Smart Alarm is working perfectly.

However, I can’t get Smart Alarm to arm SHM or vice versa. If I arm SHM to away, Smart Alarm stays disarmed. If Smart Alarm is armed and I disarm SHM, Smart Alarm stays armed.

What can I check?

thanks in advance! I love this setup if I can get it working it will be great.

SHM and Smart Alarm are pretty much mutually exclusive. Since Smart Alarm is based on modes, You could use something like Core to arm SHM based on a mode change.

Maybe you could also expand on why you want to use both?

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You can use Routines to arm and disarm both SHM and Smart alarm. For example, configure Smart Alarm to arm away in Away mode and configure Godbye routine to arm SHM Away. Since Goodbye sets mode to Away, both SHM and SA will arm Away. Hope you get an idea.

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I found a custom addition to Smart Alarm that arms SHM.

The main reason why I want to use both is I feel like SHM is better integrated to SmartThings, however I need an entry delay. So my setup is now to have all sensors but my door I want delayed in SHM. This door is well secured anyway.

So if I arm SHM it arms SA and vice versa.

This is the custom app for Smart Alarm which keeps SHM in sync:

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