Smart Home Advertising

Am I the only one who thinks the new ad campaign for Ecobee “Haven” accessories shows homes which are, well, the opposite of what “haven” means? Rather than warm, safe, and comforting, these look cold, sterile, and sad to my eye.

It’s like an advertisement for a sinister housing development in a sci-fi movie where really bad things happen below the slick surface.

Or am I overreacting? I know my dog would never stay on the far side of the coffeetable!



Nope, and I agree with you.

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I learned a long time ago to never apply reason to advertisements.


But it got your attention and that’s all they want half the time.

Except it left me with a really negative association to the brand. And I like Ecobee. :thinking:

Fair point.

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I would, for example, much rather live in the Netatmo home. And their dog looks a lot happier too! :sunglasses: