Smart Garage door to ID who enters?

Hi to everyone, Im thinking of an implementation, but I don’t know if this is possible. So any ideas to achieve this would be great.

Last week a thief enter the building and stole some things, this by simply opening the garage doors.
The building has 3 different garage doors.

an open door sensor sending a notification through smartthing app every time a garage door is open would be perfect.

the problem here is that we are 12 neighbors, so this would be very complicated with so many people…

So the question here is, is there a way of using this open door sensor plus some kind of password.
what i mean, every person has to enter a password(via app or via some physical keypad) every time the door opens.

I the password is not enter an alarm sensor would start, and some kind of notification would be send.

Is this possible?
Better ideas are welcome!

Thanks and regards!!

There are some keypad threads around here, you could remove the native garage door openers from the equation, connect the door to St and add a keypad. Then issue a distinct code to each that opens the door. Or you could issue them each presence tags to open the door on arrival, or you could probably do both via rule machine and only open door is presence is near and code is entered.

I’m sure these 3 ideas are only the tip of the iceberg.