Schlage BE369 Push Button Lock

Hey guys,

I ran across this door lock today and also received a Trane thermostat, Jasco on off unit and a Nexia Bridge. I paid $125 for all of it and figured it would be a good deal as I needed another door lock for my back pull door. I realized after I installed it that it is not a motorized lock. Can anyone comment on if it’s even worth integrating into SmartThings?

As you noted, it’s not motorized, but it is a Z wave lock and it’s compatible at the basic level with SmartThings.

Essentially, when you send the “unlock” command from the SmartThings hub to the lock, it releases the deadbolt, making it possible for a very brief time for someone to physically turn the bolt and open the door.

When you send the “lock” command from the smartthings hub, it freezes the deadbolt so it won’t turn.

Depending on the physicality of the person trying to come in, it’s really not very much different from the motorized deadbolts. It’s just that it does require the additional physical turning.

You can also use the SmartThings mobile app to see whether the lock is locked or unlocked.

Will freezing the lock from the app be an indefinite action? Honestly I don’t really want to let people remotely in, I simply forget to lock the door at night because it is the pool bath door.

Sorry. Just realized that was a dumb question. Obviously if the door is unlocked from the inside, the is nothing that can be done to lock it without a motor. Guess I’ll sell it. Thank you so much for the info!

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