Smart Dimmer Wiring Help

I could use some help from people smarter than I am. My basement has recessed lighting and I’d like to add a smart dimmer. There’s a 3 way setup:

Switch 1: On/Off switch, 3 wires and neutral wires capped in the back
Switch 2: Dimmer switch, 3 wires, no neutral

Is my only option a Lutron Caseta? I don’t really love the idea of having to buy a separate hub just to control one switch. But even if I put a different brand of smart dimmer on switch 1 with the neutrals, from what I’ve read, I’d still need a neutral wire on switch 2 for a compatible remote switch; or does one exist? In lieu of a remote switch on #2, could I just keep a “dumb” on/off switch there and never use it (I appreciate that it’s not the most elegant solution)?

Any help would be appreciated.

I have had the exact same issue.

Here’s the way forward:

  • the new smart dimmer goes where the on/off currently resides.
  • abandon the other switch, and use Alexa as your ‘remote’ switch. :slight_smile:

See this thread

You connect to the neutral in the master box.

Wouldn’t say that so quick. Add Ons only need 2 wires which is the neutral and the traveler. If you have 3 wires running from the line box and your line box is also sending neutral and on/off load to light (load) then you have enough wires…

The only thing you need to do is re-purpose one of the travelers for neutral duties. Be sure to tape it up with white electrical to indicate that this wire is now neutral.

On the Main Smart Switch:
Line goes to Line
Load goes to Light Fixture
Neutral goes to Neutral
One of the Travelers goes to Traveler
One of the Travelers ties into the Neutral Bundle (Tape with White Electrical Tape)
Ground goes to Ground (Already Grounded if you have conduit)

On the Add On Switch:
One of the Travelers goes to Traveler (Make sure its the same traveler)
One of the Travelers (Make sure its the same traveler tied into the neutral bundle) ties into the Neutral (Tape with White Electrical Tape)
Ground goes to Ground (Already Grounded if you have conduit)

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