Smart dimmer switch turning on smart ceiling fan switch (Treatlife)

I have a TreatLife switch controlling living room overhead recessed led’s.
In the same 3 gang box I have two Treatlife ceiling fan/light dimmer switches.

When I turn on the overhead lights to about mid-dimming level the fan lights come on. They will not turn off independently on their own and are locked on. I can dim them but not shut them off. The app shows them as ‘off’ when then are lit. If I dim the overheads fully or increase to max the ceiling fan lights will turn off again.

If I shut off the overhead lights the fan lights will go off, and I can turn them on/off and dim.
This happens at the switches and on the app as well.

They did not do this when I first installed them two weeks ago. I had set them up as a light group but have since deleted the group in the app and in Alexa skills.

I have reset all the switches multiple times and powered them off at the circuit breaker.

Every time I reinstall them the name I had given them automatically is restored in the app. (“Fan light 1, Fan light 2 and Living room lights”)

Anyway to restore them to blank factory default?
Is this issue because they share a common neutral wire?

Very frustrating. Thanks for any help

What is the model number of the switches that are controlling the fans? And are they controlling the fan speed, or just the light kits in the fans?


It definitely sounds like a wiring issue, but not just because they share a neutral. I’ll have to leave further discussion to others who know more about this aspect. :thinking:

Did you try getting in touch with treatlife support?

I have not yet. It started happening 3 days ago and I just started to address them today.

They share a common line hot wire and common neutral.

Thanks for the factory reset link. Will try and post back.

So I did factory reset on all 3 switches. From the app I had to go into device properties, scroll down, press remove, and remove & wipe data.

(Not just press and hold the name of the device on main screen and click remove)

Names were forgotten on each device and model number was displayed instead.

Unfortunately, this didnt fix my problem.
From 30% - 80%.dimming range on overhead light switch, the fan lights come on, wont turn off and flicker at various levels.

Resetting the devices is not going to solve a wiring issue, unfortunately. Hopefully somebody with experience in this area can help you, or again, try contacting treatlife support.