Decora Dimmer + Fan Control Switch


I’m new to smartthings and just trying to start building out my network.

On the top of my list is replacing a single decora switch that has a built in dimmer and fan control on one switch. Does anyone know if there is a similar product that integrates with smart things? I’ve searchedaround but have yet to find anything.

I’m not concerned with being able to control the fan. I’m really just interested in controlling/dimming the light in this location. But my current setup just has a single gang electrical box with the light/fan control on one switch.

The GE Light Dimmer would accomplish this. You’d need to wire you fan so it’s always hot and then control it via it’s pull chain. You’d be able to control the light via sm or the wall dimmer switch.

Yeah I guess I forgot that part. Ideally I would still like to control the fan from the switch as well. Since the post I’ve found a few other threads on the topic. Doesn’t seem like any such combo device exists.

My goal was to make sure the fan and light were turned off when we left the house. If that’s all you want AND you have a neutral at the wall switch then Aeon Micro Switch is a good route, if you can squeeze it behind your original switch.

Sorry I see now that you want dimming too. I had to use a separate wireless dimmer module in the fan housing like this one:

Range is kinda terrible but line-of-sight 10-feet works.