Smart Devices For Sale - Filtrete Thermostat and Blink Cameras

I am selling my Blink Camera setup and my trusty Filtrete 3M-50 (CT-50) Thermostat.

Blink Cameras:
Value: $609.97 (without tax or shipping)
Asking: $500 obo (willing to accept all reasonable offers)

I have enjoyed the full wireless freedom of the #blink camera system, but it unfortunately hasn’t suited my needs in all the areas I was hoping. I have had a mixed system of #foscam ip and the #blink cameras, which now I am moving towards a full #poe configuration through my property.

I purchased these Blink cameras on father’s day 2017. The set includes 4x Outdoor (Black) and 2x Indoor (White) cameras. Unfortunately I don’t have the original boxes I received them in, but I have everything pictured below.

Outdoor Cameras Front:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Outdoor Cameras Back:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Indoor Cameras Front:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Indoor Cameras Back:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

All the stuff:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Filtrete Thermostat:
Value: $100
Asking: $75 obo

I have loved my thermostat for the past couple years, but for my wife it is “too complicated” to work despite all the automation I have done on it and integration with wall mounted ipad running #actiontiles she wanted something “simpler”. In comes the #nest thermostat for her every changing temperature behaviors.

The thermostat is in fully working function and I used the #statusbits DTH for this.

Check the Specs on Filtrete 3M-50 HomeDepot

Front of thermostat:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Back of thermostat:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

Connections on thermostat:
New photo by Keaton Hoskins

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That thermostat looks like a CT-30 (or CT-100?); I got one off eBay and added a Z-Wave USNAP module (instead of WiFi), but couldn’t get it to work.

Your’s is a good deal if working!

Thank you for the correction. I was wrong on the “CT” version. The version thats on the unit is the 3M-50 and I thought it was the same model with the CT, but I stand corrected it is the equivalent to the CT-30 model

For those interested in the T-Stat I have the same exact one with the Wi-Fi Module and recently added the Z-Wave RTZW-01 Module and now I have access to it with both the Wi-Fi App and through ST.

+1 good deal.

The CT30 and this Filtrete can be integrated with geko’s Wifi DeviceType - it took 5 minutes to integrate to ST, and whatever time it takes to setup for Alexa.

Between voice interface, phone app interface, ST automation, and built-in time schedules, it cannot get any easier to use. Ooops unless you want to program it directly it at the wall - that’s pretty bad. Touchscreen is resistive and imprecise.

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