Smart dead bolt lock recommendation

Can someone recommend a smart lock for my front door which supports ST and also has a door sensor? I.e. it knows when the door is open or not. Basically I want to lock and multi sensor in one unit.

August Smart Lock Pro has DoorSense ™, which is a built-in door sensor. But it’s a retrofit lock which fits over the existing deadbolt on the inside, it does not have a keypad on the outside. So it’s not for everyone unless you want to add a separate keypad device.

That said, there are many good door sensors which work with SmartThings, so it’s quite easy to just add one to any door you want, which gives you a wider choice of smart locks.

There are even two kinds which will be invisible when the door’s closed, if that’s a concern.

There are recessed door sensors, which fit inside the wall. Or the Ultraslim Sensative strip, which will fit inside the door frame on most doors.

So that’s another option to consider. :sunglasses:

@rboy is an expert on locks that work with smartthings, and may know of some other options.


There are a couple of options available,

  • August Lock Pro as JD suggested.
  • Yale with a DPS (Door Position Sensor), there are in limited supply in the US but available in UK/EU
  • IDLock (150 is a good choice)
  • KeyWe locks
  • Philia locks

You can find more details about it in the first post here:

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I have Danalock and August. I really like both but right now August is cheaper. The motor on the Danalock seems to be stronger. One of my doors has some friction when the deadbolt goes in and the August lock didn’t handle it but Dana did without a problem.

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Does your Danalock have a door sensor built in? I don’t see that in the specs.

No, it doesn’t have that but I don’t have it installed on my August lock either.

Be aware that if you choose the August lock and want to use the door sense switch, you have to:

  1. Install a magnet on or in the door frame. It will either be a white plastic lump or will require drilling into the frame. That may or may not fit your definition of “in one unit”.
  2. Use the classic app for any automations or scenes involving the door open/closed function. It doesn’t work in the new smartthings app.
  3. Pay for access to Rboy’s code repository and learn how to use the smartthings groovy IDE website. There are lots of strong opinions about buying code. My opinion is that the universal lock and foscam apps made it well worth the money for me. Look at what they offer and decide for yourself.

I use Qwikset 912. Not the best but I can rekey it to use the same key as my other locks for manual entry. It has a simple 6 button keypad for keyless entry in addition to using the key or app.

I believe that Eoin was looking for recommendations for locks with built in door sensors. Kwikset doesn’t offer that feature yet. For a general comparison of locks here’s a good post get started which compares various lock brands/models.

Bill, I hope you’re aware of the programming limitations of 6 button keypads. It cannot differentiate between codes which use the same key press combinations, e.g. 1111, 1122 and 1212 and 2121 are all identified as the same user.

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