Questions about project to replace chain pull ceiling fan with light fixture: what are my switch options?

I have a ceiling fan with lights that works off of two pull chains and is not wired to a wall switch. I’d like to replace it with a light fixture but need a way to turn it on and off and dim the light. I’d also like to control the fixture via SmartThings.

A set of smart bulbs could work (I use those in the ceiling fan now), but I don’t want to be completely dependent on the smart capability. I’d like to have either a wireless wall switch (like the RunLessWire Simple Wireless Switch Kit on Amazon) or a remote that communicates directly with the fixture so I’m never left in the dark (or light) when the hub goes down.

One option I’m considering is the Hampton Bay Universal Wink Enabled Ceiling Fan Remote Control. I think it will work if I mount the receiver in the light fixture’s canopy, but it seems like overkill for this use case, as I don’t need the ceiling fan capabilities.

Any ideas?

If you don’t already have a switch controlling the fan, this is the simplest route. You can mount the included remote on the wall, which will work regardless of status in ST, or buy a “dumb” Hampton Bay controller that includes a compatible wall-mounted switch and dispose of the extra controller separately. If you have another switch nearby, you could always replace it with a switch with scene control capabilities (for instance, that accepts double tap commands) but then you’re relying on ST.

Here is a mount that fits the remotes well; someone also designed a 3D printed one that will mount over the switch, but since you don’t have an existing switch to block that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense.

You said you don’t need smart control of the ceiling fan, but keep in mind that if you go this route, you should set the fan to high with the pull chain and then use the remote/ST to set fan speed. If you have any contact / motion sensors with temperature in the same room, you can set up a thermostat so the fan will turn on and off automatically depending on conditions in the room.

Keep in mind that the antenna on the HB receivers is lousy, so you’ll need a Zigbee repeater (smart switch or plug) in the same room to maintain a solid connection to the ST hub.